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Christy Leung

Music Therapist & Playgroup Teacher


Christy Leung is a registered Music Therapist (Australia). After receiving a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Music in Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012, Christy continued her studies in music therapy in Australia. She received music therapy training in the University of Melbourne under the guidance of Professor Katrina McFerran. In 2014, Leung received her Master Degree in Music Therapy and became a registered music therapist.


Leung has worked with a wide variety of populations, which includes pre-school children; children and adolescents with special needs, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder and hyperactive disorder; adult with disability; and aged adult with dementia in different settings, such as schools, hospitals and age care centres. In those clinical practices, Leung has also worked with different health care professionals, including occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, play therapists, arts therapists, nurses, doctors and social workers, and cooperated with these professionals in clients’ treatment.


Leung is now a member of Australian music therapy association and Hong Kong music therapy association, keen on promoting music therapy in Hong Kong.

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