Teaching Team

Our Teachers are our greatest asset. We focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse teachers and courses portfolio, which is critical to meet the needs of families and our communities.
Melody Chuang (Flute & Aural)
Flute Teacher
Teacher Daniel Milard (Playgroup)
Christy Leung (Music Therapist)
Angel Leung (Music Therapist)
Kevin Au (Trumpet)
Trumpet Teacher
Lily Yong (PIano)
Piano Teacher
Tiffany Lee (Vocal)
Vocal Teacher
Michelle Chen (Piano & Theory)
Tang Hin Wah (Violin)
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Andes Tsang (Flute)
Pinko (Cello)
Catalie Yip (Saxophone & Clarinet)
Jennifer Ho (Harp)
Kenneth Li (Violin)
Leung Chi Shing (Clarinet)
Wesley Wong (Harmonica)
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