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Kevin LO Kin Fai

Ukulele & Guitar Teacher


Teacher Kevin Lo is a young performer, guitarist and teacher rocking the Hong Kong music scenario for the past 14 years. Eight of those years (from 2012) are of hands-on teaching students from the age of five to septagenarians! Kevin started teaching as he wanted to share his passion for this versatile and beautiful instrument. His favorite bands are Mr. Big, Guns & Roses and X Japan. Kevin looks up to names such as John Mayer, Paul Gilbert, Eric Clapton, Tommy Emmanuel, and Kotaro Oshio as his favorite guitarists.


Kevin started playing the classical guitar in High School at sixteen. He fell in love with the electric guitar after watching actor Michael J. Fox shredding it in the movie “Back to The Future”. From then on, the young teacher did not stop learning and practicing new skills.


Kevin was born and raised in Hong Kong. After joining a local band in 2006, one year after buying his first electric guitar, he did not stop practicing and performing regularly. Along with friends, they decided to form a new band in 2007 called Narcissuss. They remain with their original formation now in 2021 and are looking forward to recording their own songs! Kevin plans on taking lessons with some big names in the Hong Kong music industry after the summer holidays this year. So, stay tuned for updates!

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