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MusicRings Summer Program

Music Art Class

                      Jolly Sing-A-Long Painting


The branding of this will be teaching the mental learning process through the triangular relationship between lyrical language, mental visual image and pictorial result.  Parents can visualize the level of learning from kids.


Blending in music and art environment, kids enjoy the language learning process in a fun way and practice what they learned through happy painting and singing. (Kids will learn songs chosen from Disney cartoons and musicals)

Teacher Profile

Teacher Ms. Kawaii


HKU PhD Candidate focusing on collaborative knowledge building and creative social cognitive learning. She learned acrylic painting in USA and Chinese painting in Hong Kong. She is also an amateur soprano.



  Musical Sense


    Story Telling


      Vocal Training







Artistic Sense:


  Color Variations


    Color Mixing


      Overlaying Colors


        Creating Highlights


           Light and Shade

Class Nature

Parent-child class for 6 months to 2 years old


Independent class for 2 -6 years old


Class size


Max 6 students for age group 6 months -4 years old

Max 8 students for 4-6 years old


Class schedule



July 9,16,23;

August 6,13,20


Length of lesson: 60 mins 

2-3pm (6 months to 2 year old) 

3-4pm (2-4 years old) 

4-5pm (4-6 years old)


Course Fee

$1200/6 lessons including painting materials

· All payment is non-refundable and non-transferable to other person or course at MusicRings.

· No make-up lesson can be arranged for any reason of absence. 


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