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Summer Course 23 Jul - 16 Aug

Unleash Your Child’s Musical Talent this Summer

Are you ready for a fun-filled summer of music, movement & discovery?

Join us at MusicRings for an exciting 4-week Summer Program!

Led by our Teacher Daniel, your child will embark on a musical adventure.

From percussion instruments to circle dances, action songs to nursery rhymes,

every session is designed to captivate and engage young minds.

Week 1 (23 - 26 Jul)
We Play Music; Sun Moon and Star; Up High in the Sky; In My Boat; 

Week 2 (30 Jul - 2 Aug)
Hot Cross Buns; My Hands and Fingers; Let's Go Out; In the Big Bed;


Week 3 (6 Aug - 9 Aug)
Baa Moo Oink; Thunder Wind Rain; Up & Down; To Market;

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Week 4 (13 Aug - 16 Aug)
Animal Antics; The Marvelous Man; Ria-a-Jig; Little Green Frog


  • Social conventions: “Hello, Everybody” - on the ukulele; “What day is it today?”

  • Bounces: Count the beats and keep the rhythm of the song while patting your legs, clapping your hands or bouncing about. One new song every single day!

  • Games: Singing and finger-play. Two activities every day!

  • Instruments! : finger cymbals, castanets, lollipop drums; maracas/egg-shakers/fruit shakers; guiros; bells, etc.

  • Drama and movement: action songs where big movements and dancing are encouraged; hobby horses; scarves

  • Circle Dances: performing songs while holding hands and interacting with classmates -One different song every day!

  • Mimicry: detailed actions following the song lyrics

  • Rocking: “Can you keep it up while going side to side; back-and-forth?”

  • Music Appreciation

  • Nursery Rhyme reading and lots of singing

Engaging Activities

Class A
2 - 3.5 yrs

Class B
3.5 - 5 yrs



4 - 7 Lessons
5% off

8 lessons
or above
10% off

Duration : 60 mins

Class B time table_edited.jpg

Don't miss this opportunity to let your child's creativity shine. Spaces are limited, so sign up today

Contact us



Phone: 35656826

Whatsapp: 54398292


Address: Unit 01, 12/F, Park Avenue Tower, 5 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay

銅鑼灣摩頓臺5號百富中心12/F 01室

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