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About Us

MusicRings provides a wide range of music courses for students of all ages. Not only is music proven to stimulate brain development, but it also serves as a medium for a child to explore the world safely and positively. For these very reasons, music education should be included in a child's learning process. With these elements interlocking like rings, music can enhance a child’s abilities in communication, socially, academically and in other areas.


Our programs are designed using different teaching methods such as Karl Orff, Kodaly and Montessori, along with support from established early childhood music therapy theories, to create an enjoyable and healthy music learning experience.


Our mission is clear and can be concluded as SPECIAL.

S: Sense of Music
Music is not only about technique, but also about developing musical sense of a student, which is crucial for any music learner to progress.

P: Parent Education
Effective parental involvement during a student's early stage of music learning is beneficial for life. We encourage bilateral involvement between parents and teachers in order to help music beginners to achieve more.

E: Enjoyment
Children express tremendous potential in their enjoyment which helps to advance their potential into talent. We combine teachers' innovation and the beauty of music, which allows students to enjoy lessons with more fun.

C: Cultures
Exposure to multi-national cultures is essential to music learning. Not only can students gain more, it will help broaden their knowledge of these cultures.

I: Interests
To build students initiative in developing music as a long-term interest, we adopt diverse channels in music learning which can bring extra delight to their childhood.

A&L: Aural and Listening skills
Aural and listening skills are often neglected throughout the music learning process. We value these skills as a music basis for beginners to pick up musical sense and interest. Aural development requires comprehensive understanding of music history, theory and musical style, while listening focuses on a high level of concentration and sensitivity to the music students performance.
Together with our well-structured program and cooperation with parents, it all comes together to create an enjoyable learning journey at MusicRings.

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