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MusicRings Featured Program English & Music Foundation Courses


Intelligence Ring is the featured and most popular English and music foundation course at MusicRings for children aged from

2 to 4.5 years old. Course materials and structures are designed by a group of music education professionals from overseas universities with over 30 years experience. Foreign teacher, Daniel Milard,

who has 10 years experience, conducts English classes.


Expectation after the course: You would expect your child to learn all necessary music concepts and English technology prior to primary school.

MusicRings featured programs (Genetic Ring & Intelligence Ring) apply the teaching materials (Musical Child) designed by Ms. Carol Biddiss and her team. Carol is the director of Musical Child and has taught music to children and adults for over 30 years in school, college, university and private studio settings. With a Masters degree in music education, a background in junior primary teaching, a career as a music advisory teacher followed by sixteen years experience designing tertiary courses and teaching music to student teachers, she is well qualified to offer these preschool music lessons plans.

Find out more information of Musical Child at

Intelligence Ring (2 years old to 4.5 years old)


- Parents are not allowed to sit in the class conducted by Teacher Daniel.

  (except during ukulele learning in Double Class)


Single Ring Class, for 2 - 3.5 years old      (60min)

+ Learn musical elements, feel the rhythm, singing, and music appreciation

+ Introduction to phonics 

+ Enhance imagination and comprehension


Double Ring Class, for above 3.5 years old     (60min)

+ Strengthen the concept learnt from Single Ring Class, including Phonics

+ Learn to play harmonica & a little bit ukulele (1 guardian will be invited 

    to participate when Teacher is teaching ukulele)

+ Small ensemble and group singing

+ Enhanced presentation skills development

+ Introduction to major orchestral instruments

+ ABRSM Grade 1 theory application


  • Foundation in music learning

  • English Communication & Phonics

  • Self-initiation in learning

  • Use imagination in response to music and the spoken word

  • Express opinion and ideas in full sentences

  • Demonstrate understanding through movement

  • Facilitate purposeful and confident responses in a musical setting



Certificate: Apply for a certificate after the completion of 12 lessons.

* On-site and Off-site playgroup classes on Sunday and Monday are available upon request. Please call to check.

Schedule from 20 April 2024 Onward

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