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Mung Man Zoen

Music Therapist & Piano Teacher

Registered Music Therapist (AusMTA)

Member of Hong Kong Music Therapy Association

Master of Music Therapy (Qld.)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music (CUHK)

LTCL (Distinction) (Trinity College London)


Throughout his career, Mung has engaged people with different abilities through music. He specialises in early intervention and rehabilitation. Since 2012, he has been serving at Watchdog Early Education Centre (HK) where he provides music therapy for children with special education needs.

Other organisations that he has worked with include St. James Settlement, Heep Hong Society, Society for the Welfare of Autistic Persons, and Kwun Tong  Methodist Social Service, to name a few.

Connecting people through music has always been Mung’s passion. He started teaching SEN children African drum during his undergraduate years at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, from which he graduated with First Class honours. Mung has received numerous scholarships and later obtained his Master’s degree in Music Therapy at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Mung’s facilitation is full of energy, humour and fun. He loves sharing his passion, and believes everyone can benefit from musicking.


音樂治療師  鋼琴老師 





倫敦聖三一學院演奏文憑 (LTCL)


蒙氏擅於以音樂建立橋樑,連繫不同能力的受眾。他的專業範疇涵蓋早期介入及復康治療。自 2012 年起,他於「監護者早期教育中心」為具特殊學習需要的兒童提供音樂治療。其他合作機構包括「聖雅各福群會」、「協康會」、「自閉症人士福利促進會 」及「循道衛理觀塘社會服務處」等。



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