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MusicRings Instrumental Program

Ukulele Class for Kids (Above 5 yr old)














Taught by:

Teacher Kevin Lo

The ukulele is a great first instrument for kids. They are easy to learn, they are very affordable and most importantly the small size of the ukulele fits perfectly for young children.

Discounted Trial Fees: HK$100 (on 1st Trial)

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Discounted Trial 



Pls contact us for updated schedule


Beginner (Debut to Grade 2)

Group Class for 2 - 3 persons (45 min / session)

HK$800 for 4 lessons

Intermediate (Grade 3 - 5) 

Group Class for 2 - 3 persons (45 min / session)

HK$1000 for 4 lessons

Advanced (Grade 6 -8)

Private Lesson for Individual (60 min / session)

HK$2000 for 4 lessons 


We can provide ukuleles for Trial student but if you have your own one at home, feel free to bring it along.

Please click the photo and know more about Teacher Kevin!


Discounted Playgroup Trial is available at $200

Get $200 Cash Coupon by referring MusicRings Playgroup to your friends

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