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Our staff

Our staffs at MusicRings are highly qualified students or graduates from HK and overseas top tier universities  with outstanding academic backgrounds. We aim at providing your kids with a giant advantage to outperform peers from early ages.


We are more than just a kids playgroup. Our courses are the result of more than 30 years of experience in child education.

  1. English Music Playgroup & Foundation Course

  2. English Phonics Course 

  3. Play To Learn Course

  4. Zoom Course

About us

MusicRings provides a wide range of music courses for students of all ages. Not only is music proven to stimulate brain development, but it also serves as a medium for a child to explore the world safely and positively. For these very reasons, music education should be included in a child's learning process.

News & Events

Music rooms are available for rental. Rooms are equipped with upright digital piano.

Room rate varies from $80/hr to $150/hr.




English Music Playgroup

For 8 to 26 months old



English & Music Foundation Courses

For 2 to 4.5 years old

Xmas Course - Eric Carle Dec 2023 - Leaflet 1.png

"World of Eric Carle", our brand new story-telling-focused course, your children will be led into the wonderful💫, colorful🌈 world of the late writer and artist. 

We aim to nurture the habit of reading in the young ones👧🏻👦🏻, bring forth the zeal for daily tasks and imbue positive thinking and hopeful expectations in them. The course will cover some of Mr. Carle’s most recognized works: The Very Hungry Caterpillar🐛, The Very Lonely Firefly🐞, From Head to Toe🦶🏻, I 💜 Mom, I ❤️ Dad and more!

What’s covered in the course?
- Book Reading 📘
- Story telling 💕
- Phonics awareness 🔡
- Sight words 🖇️
- Songs and circle time 🎶
- Worksheets 🔖
- Arts and Crafts 📍
- Games 🐾🐾
- Numeracy 🔢

All lessons will be individually planed. Children may join as many sessions as desired.

Please get in touch with our friendly staff via whatsApp 5439 8292 or call 3565 6826 for more details.



Come & Participate the Ukulele Session

with your Kids in


For above 3.5 years old 

Phonics image1.jpg
Phonics image1.jpg




Phonics Course

For K1, K2 above 3 years old


Get in touch with our friendly staff
for more details
(Whatsapp 54398292 Tel 35656826

Contact us



Phone: 35656826

Whatsapp: 54398292


Address: Unit 01, 12/F, Park Avenue Tower, 5 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay

銅鑼灣摩頓臺5號百富中心12/F 01室

Discounted Playgroup Trial is available at $200

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